ZUZANA: MUSIC IS LIFE (www.zuzanathemovie.com) is the dark and triumphant story told by Zuzana Ruzickova, nearly 90, and how she became a world famous harpsichordist and interpreter of Bach under the Communist regime in Czechoslovakia. After surviving Nazi death camps from the age of 15, Zuzana clawed back her prodigious talent by refusing to let her damaged hands or skeptical professors thwart her dreams. Sent repeatedly for brainwashing in Marxist-Leninist youth camps, Zuzana tread a fine balance between rejecting the Communist Party and performing the music of Bach for the pleasure and profit of the totalitarian regime. Dispatched to fill concert halls and win competitions around the world, Zuzana Ruzickova was lauded for her transcendent interpretation of Bach. She chose to play only the harpsichord, which was relatively obscure at the time, because that was the instrument for which Bach composed all his keyboard music. While the grind of life behind the iron curtain never ceased in forty years, Zuzana became a major force in reviving the harpsichord and contributing to its popularity in the latter half of the 20th century. 

With liberation in 1989, Zuzana worked tirelessly with her husband, composer Viktor Kalabis, to rebuild the broken spirit of Czechoslovakia and help make Prague a musical city. Speaking with candid wit and piercing irony, Zuzana reveals how she navigated a lifetime of hope and fear. Zuzana Ruzickova became the first person in the world to record all the keyboard works of Bach which took ten years starting in 1964. Warner Music re-released her 20-CD opus in October 2016.