is a full service production company from conception to delivery. With a long-track record of award-winning documentaries made for British, American, European and Chinese television, G2 create, produce and consult on media for foundations and think-tanks. 

Peter Getzels and Harriet Gordon are driven by complex ideas and irresistible stories, particularly in subjects related to anthropology, science, religion and adventure. Based in Oxford, England for sixteen years and currently in Washington DC, G2 have taken on an ambitious slate of subjects, from free-range children at A.S. Neill’s infamous Summerhill School to sex and trans-possession cults in Siberia and Venezuela; from hidden Buddhist kingdoms in the Himalayas to girls who dare to train as boxers in Afghanistan. 

The ongoing CLOSER TO TRUTH series with Robert Lawrence Kuhn for PBS, is a global journey in search of the vital ideas about the cosmos, consciousness and meaning. CTT includes some of the world’s most renowned scientists, philosophers and theologians, as well as eight Nobel Prize winners. 

In China, Peter Getzels directed his first documentary for Discovery Asia in 2007, about the explorer and mariner Zheng He. In 2010 he embarked on producing/directing his first five part series for CCTV (China Central Television) about China Expo with Robert Lawrence Kuhn. Peter and Robert went on to make two more five-part series called CHINA'S CHALLENGES with Shanghai Media Group. The first series won the prestigious China News Award, which is China's top documentary prize. The second series won an Emmy in Los Angeles, where PBS SoCal is the presenting channel. Peter is currently in production on a third series of CHINA'S CHALLENGES, as well as a one-off documentary about poverty for China Global Network Television (the English-speaking branch of CCTV).